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Monthly Update

Tomographix aFounder posted Mar 2, 19

Welcome to March everyone! February was another busy month and I am really pleased to say that we did much better on the voting. This morning I put a new voting plugin on the server to fix the issue with dodgy rewards and this will be tested further over the coming week. If you have any cool ideas for it please let me know!

Congratulations to our voting winners this month! Please message me to redeem your perk voucher ($20, $15, $15). As a special prize everyone else inside the top 8 will also get 25k ingame cash!

cynicalwhale is our staff of the month! Their hard work ingame has paid off with a promotion recently as well and it is fantastic to have them on the team. TwoWiseFools is not only our top voter this month but also our player of the month as chosen by you. 

I would like to congratulate endyenderman02 and HeyItsDannyy_ on winning our build competition this month with a $20 perk voucher.

_Ethomare_ has placed second with another highly detailed build with a $15 perk voucher.

Shaylee_m has placed third with a $10 perk voucher.

I would like to thank SamanthaJayne for being our guest judge this month for the build comp entries!

Valentines Day Update!

[D] SamanthaJayne Super Admin posted Feb 10, 19

Hello Skylanders,

If you haven't already, mark next Thursday and Saturday in the calender! With February comes Valentines day, and with Valentines day, SkyServer Events!

Minigames will be run from 5:30pm -  7:00pm (AEDT) on the 14th of Februaryincluding a brand new game which is to be revealed on the day.

Despite the 14th being Valentines Day, as it is a week day we have decided to run more events and minigames on the Saturday that week.

Minigames will run from 2:00 - 3:30pm and a head hunt will be held at 5:00pm on the 16thThe head hunt will contain many love and romance themed microblocks.

But that's not it! As you may have already seen, we are running a CandyGram event for all those who registered. If you do not know what CandyGram is, its a gift and letter exchange between players paired at random. For more information be sure to check out https://bit.ly/2RD6Zh6

Further, Valentines Day will also come with a whole new GUI for minigames.

In the lead up to the event, the normal warps such as /warp spleef will be removed. Instead players will use the command /minigames to enter spectating, information or hub areas. Using the GUI will automatically disable perks depending on which minigame you choose to enter.

I would also like to mention that the majority of new games will not be in the GUI untill they have been tested and run a few times. Due to this, some games will still require the general warps and will be advertised this way.

Crunchiekitty Oh no, I missed it!
Drousii Woot Woot, Was plenty of fun
[D] beavz Yeah nice Fire and Sam

Monthly Recap

Tomographix aFounder posted Feb 1, 19

Welcome to February Skylanders! January was pretty cool with the server turning 7 years old and the unveiling of the amazing new spawn built by SamanthaJayne. Here is your monthly recap.

A huge congratulations to spacenerdy for becoming our SOTM and MoonGiggles220 for being our POTM. Thank you as well to all of those players who participated in our nomination and voting process which I think goes a long way to selecting a worthy winner each month.

I am very excited to announce that we had plenty of entries this month for the build comp! Australia Day has always been one of my favourite themes too - I am really pleased so many of you entered. I would like to congratulate _Ethomare_ for winning first place with a $15 perk voucher. In second place we have TwoWiseFools with their really original idea of a statue of Captain Cook and a $10 perk voucher. Finally, in third place we have Madness__ with a quirky Koala and a $5 perk voucher reward.

The theme for the build comp this month is Valentines!

Congratulations to crackerjack27 ($15 perk voucher), baailey ($15 perk voucher) and epa139 ($10 perk voucher) for winning our voting competition this month. Overall as a server we didn't do fantasticly last month and people must make an effort to continue to support us by voting daily. It is critical that we keep promoting our server via voting to attract new players.

Firew1nd Super Admin My Skin is looking fresh fr fr, real Velma aint got nothing.
_Ethomare_ Congrats everyone and thank you!! It was great seeing more competition for the build comp! I can’t wait to see wha...
[D] crackerjack27 o
crackerjack27 @ Survival - Sky Ser...
Nah you are cooler... 10pts up from them. Congrats epa too on being in the top 3
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