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Welcome! The rules detailed below have been set so that everyone can enjoy playing on the server! Please read and abide by them. Our Moderator team are there to assist with keeping them.
Consequences for not are:
1. Kicks
2. Mute
3. Jail
4. Temp Ban
5. Permanent Ban
The Rules  - For everyone! 
1. No griefing at all
2. Respect all players and staff
3. No spamming the chat with different colours etc
4. No mentioning other server's names or IP's
5. No stealing items from other players
6. No X-Ray hacks or X-Ray texture packs
7. No swearing or racism
8. Creation/advertisement of death-traps is not allowed
9. No home or TP killing. 
10. No exploitation of the market or economy.
11. No use of hacked clients
12. If it lags it goes! E.g. Crowded mob farms, massive redstone creations
13. No building inappropriate buildings
14. No begging for money or items
15. Use of English only in main chat - no other languages
16. No creation of gold farms or generators
17. Being AFK for the deliberate purpose of auto-farming or grinding is not allowed
Donor Rules - Donors Only!
1. Abusing your perk/perks will get them removed
2. No fly-killing in PVP
3. No TP killing other people at all
4. Do not TP to people who you do not know unless they give you permission
5. No giving out items if you have creative
6. You are not allowed to use your donor perks for other people. e.g. repair other players tools etc