September News Letter

[D] _fluent Operator posted Sep 1, 18

 Post on my wall to Redeem DVC vouchers Here

 View our server Instagram page and the latest  Here

● Learn more about milestone trophies Here

● Nominate players for POTM and SOTM Here

 You can enter the Chunk Challenge Here

 You can purchase our new mobs pack Here

 You can purchase Barrier blocks Here

● Join in the Uno games and learn more Here

[D] _kokonut_ Congratulations to everyone!! I hope Uno was a blast and I can't wait to see people finishing up their chunk challe...
[D] SamanthaJayne Yay one great month done, and yet another to begin! Great job to the DVC winners, and congratulations both beavz and eag...

Welcome back!

[D] _fluent Operator posted Aug 17, 18

Drousii I just want to thank all the staff team in behalf of everyone with all the tremendous work put into this server, Tomo an...
DunkyMcSteve I am just new and the amount of hard work and time put into this is amazing I have been looking for a good sever for yea...
FiveFootGrunt I agree Wholeheartedly that this spawn looks simply amaze. "I simply love what youve done with the place&q...
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