July News Letter

[D] _fluent Operator posted Jul 1, 18

● Post on my wall to Redeem Build vouchers Here

● Post on my wall to Redeem Vote vouchers Here

● Purchase our new Pokemon maps Here

● Submit your Bridge build entries Here

● View Rainbow raid information Here

● View End raid information Here

● Nominate POTM and SOTM  Here

[D] VampyMadeline Woo! I got the money award - just what I was hoping for. Thanks, Fluent! Much appreciated.
RySci Super Admino
RySci @ Survival - Sky Servers
Congratulations to all !
[D] SamanthaJayne o
SamanthaJayne @ Survival - Sky Ser...
What a wonderful way to end the month, congratulations to the winners of the voting and build competition, as well as ze...

● Help make a difference and support Starlight  Here

● Learn more about Starlight  Here

MidgetWarfaree I'm proud to be apart of a server who is willing to donate to a great cause, especially one so important. I am unab...
[D] VampyMadeline This is a beautiful sentiment, to be supporting a charity like the Starlight Foundation and the kids in need. I deeply r...
[D] TitanGod_ That's great to hear that we are fundraising for kids! Sending my donation right now!
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