End of AusPvP Factions

ZylonAU posted Dec 16, 17  -  End


Final Map, server closing

AusPvP Factions is shutting down. It lasted many years but ultimately came to an end due to Minecraft's EULA policies. The server hasn't made any profit recently meaning that it's not possible to run another map.

Myself and the staff team have done our best to make it the most enjoyable experience while it lasted. EULA and factions servers don't mix meaning that we can no longer host one, I hope everyone understands.

We may not shut down forever and if an opportunity arises in the future we will make sure to take it.

- Zylon

Potato_Pzq Wow, very sad to hear this. Since being on and a part of the server since the day it was born, i will remember the AMAZI...
crusader010 LOL AFK 4 year reputation xD Reputation of being a noob xD Oh god xD But it's true... We have passed the yearly ...


ZylonAU posted Dec 12, 17  -  EOTW


End of the World

AusPvP map #3 will be coming to an end on the 17th of December! F Top prizes will be handed out to the top two factions soon after.

I hope everyone enjoyed playing this map :)

- Zylon

crusader010 Awesome. Cannot wait until reset. I wonder what new plugins are going to be available...
Captain_AFK21 This map was the best by far HungryJack for the win am i right!!!


ZylonAU posted Nov 14, 17  -  Raid Event


Grace Period Over, Friday the 17th, 6PM AEST

Grace Period

Grace Period will end on the coming Friday, this will allow tnt to be placed/used and will also make creepers do land damage again. The /fly and silk touch spawner perks will no longer be free once grace period ends so make the most of it.

Raid Event

To celebrate the ending of the grace period there will be a raid event on Sunday. For any new players unfamiliar with raid events, they bring together the escence of pvp and raiding. Many factions compete in raiding a base which will require you to defend your cannon from other factions, raid the base the quickest and get all the loot. Raid events have lots of valuable items especially for the early game, be sure to show up!


- Zylon

Tomographix aFounder Sounds awesome!
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