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How to Install Pixelmon

Watch the following video for instructions on how to install pixelmon. Download the two files below and place on desktop before watching.

Pixelmon Download

Download the pixelmon version that the server is running. Currently 3.3.8.

Forge Download

Click the installer link for the corresponding version of minecraft.

Note: Pixelmon runs on minecraft 1.7.10

If you are having trouble please post on the forums.

You can also now use Technic Launcher to play PixelMC!:
Version: 3.3.8

Platform URL:


Steps on how to Install Technic Launcher and the Modpack:

1) Go to the website and download the Technic launcher. 
    After clicking "Windows", "Mac", or "Linux", save it to a location where you can find the file easily, for example, save it in your desktop. 
Using chrome, you will get a popup which looks like this. 

2) Open the file by double clicking it. In this tutorial, you will go to your desktop, double click TechnicLauncher.exe and click "Run". You will receive a dialog which looks like this. Insert your username and password here. For convenience, tick the box "Remember this account."

3) After logging in, click the "Add new Pack" button twice and paste the platform url in there.
The Platform URL is You will receive a popup which looks like this.

4) Simply click "Add Modpack" then the client will start to download the ModPack and after that, it will be ready to play!