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Sky Servers  -  Largest Australian hosted and Owned Minecraft community and servers!
SITE MEMBERS32,726 users
TODAY: 211 UNIQUE HITS: 1,028,281
1hclennard and RealmFull registered to Sky Servers
QwertleTube , KingFluffyButt and deez nuts registered to Sky Servers
Parasyt1k , Draven224 , Braytsy and CaptainVJJ registered to Sky Servers
TheEclipsse   created a new thread Skyblock Quest (Raid) Idea in the SkyBlock forum
brickcar SKYHUB SM  created a new thread SKYBLOCK - CHESTSHOP INFORMATION in the SkyBlock forum
_Tony , BigDevin0514 and Snowieez registered to Sky Servers
legoman124292 , TarskiParadox and WhiskeyMate registered to Sky Servers
Jemeny   created a new thread SkyLight in the Art forum
brickcar SKYHUB SM  published SKYBLOCK RESET INFORMATION on Skyblock and SkyWars News
RaumatiRebel SKYHUB SM  created a new thread Skyblock Reset Thread in the SkyBlock forum
fadin , mildpenguin , Tigershop , jebusmonkey89 , abrahamarnaud1 , YummyToaster , adarkatz , KalnaZatos and Poiter? registered to Sky Servers
türkümreis3169   registered to Sky Servers
Crazy_Teddylol   created a new thread Crazy_Teddylol unban appeal in the UnBan Appeals & In-Game Reports forum
GDFX , GameDroidFX and Pittsie [Mike Flynn] registered to Sky Servers
[D] _fluent   created a new thread August 2017 Creator + Group Build in the Server General Discussion forum
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