EULA Compliance

Tomographix aFounder posted Wed at 9:18

Cameronn_ Ive actually just heard about the new EULA and was wondering how the hell the ranking system will work, its such a big c...
Lockfoot Decently Understood. I hope that the transition between member models is seamless. As for the server, I hope we are sti...
HeyItsDannyy_ o Yes, Phluffington. Current donors keep their perks regardless. The only way they can and/or will be removed, is if Tomo ...

Monthly Update

Tomographix aFounder posted Aug 2, 17

EndyEnderman2 Congratz on Build comp win Kaza, Vote comp win CJ and SOTM Stelth!
ProfessorTato Congratulations to everyone, well deserved to all of you

Events Weekend and Tree Day

Tomographix aFounder posted Jul 24, 17

[D] VampyMadeline More trees to plant! Awesome! Great to see the server is also in for preventing deforestation all the more.
redninja1186 Can't wait! Something to relax with after a busy week of school (and homework, and social media, and...I'm jus...
RySci Can't wait
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