Introductions and updates!

Happy hello server comrades! I come with an earful of melted caramel news for everyone. In Tomographix’s absence, M4S0N_129 and I will be steering the wheel as your newest Community Managers and making sure the Skyship never sinks! Rest assured that this is not a farewell from our moppet Tomo as he has simply opted to devote some time to a very important and exciting project for everyone!


For starters, M4S0N_129 and I are both admittedly noobs at the new role, however, this will not be a reason to avert us from organising future plans for the server and we will be managing the server’s daily tasks & events.

Brief End information

The End is nearing, stay tuned for more information!


We understand there have been many speculations regarding the happenings of Spawnmobs perk. We are working on a new method for spawnmobs to return whilst additionally dealing with the current glitch with World guard & spawnmobs clashing. We appreciate everyone's patience and we do hope to see it back soon!


fluent & M4S0N_129

eSJay_Vee Mason's in charge? Great, there goes the neighbourhood... <_< (Just kidding, of course. It was shot a...
ProfessorTato Huge Congratulations to Mason and Fluent!! You are both very worthy of the position and I know you'll do an incredi...

6 Years on Sky Servers

Tomographix aFounder posted Mon at 16:44

Today marks six years since Hurcoli and I opened Sky Servers to the public. Perhaps ironically back then we started the server with $40 and we both thought that was expensive. We launched Sky Servers because we wanted something different.

Original Spawn & PVP Arena. Market to the left, Build Warps behind and info section this side.

6 years is a long time for anything, never mind a Minecraft server to last and everyday for those six years the first things I do when I wake up are server related and the last things I do before bed are also server related.

First player to join Sky Servers (Modding360s)

Without writing a significant amount of text (Because none of you bother to read these anyway) I have decided to take a step back from the daily management of the Survival server to focus on new projects and Sky Servers as a whole. This means that you simply won’t have me doing these news posts or being ingame as much. Tomorrow, you will find out who will be taking on this role.

That look when you accidentally break the first map.

If there is one thing that has become apparent in the last 6 years of managing this server, it is that nobody ever truly leaves Sky forever. I don’t intend to either.

Thank you all for your support over the past 6 years. Sky Servers has continued to exist because of the effort that you have all put in.



SamsterNelly Happy Birthday to SS!~ This community is amazing and the server is outstanding. I love everything that y'all have d...
eSJay_Vee Are you kidding? The feed is the only way I get to keep up with all the important stuff going down here.
Dredlore o
Dredlore @ Survival - Sky Servers
I always read it all Tomo

Birthday Celebrations

Tomographix aFounder posted Fri at 22:34

[D] crackerjack27 Cake and fireworks!
Maximio see you all on Monday!! (:
M4S0N_129 @ Survival - Sky Servers
Yay! hope to see everyone on for some great fun, will be awesome to celebrate with you all! Tomo is making cake for eve...
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