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Coming Soon

Tomographix aFounder posted Tue at 17:22

Vinegar3547 @ Survival - Sky Serve...
rip survival, probs gonna turn into world war 3 against all regions
RySci I finally lost my patience, I can't manage to wait any longer, when will it be added?!
Paragon_Nyx HYPE...... Super magic mage villagers that we use in battle

Party Chat and Microblocks!

Tomographix aFounder posted Sat at 16:05

101kaza101 This party feature has been around of a while its good to see I can finally use it without getting scared KitKat will go...
dazza775 Does the party last until you delete it? Does it go away after a while?

Loads of new perks!

Tomographix aFounder posted Mar 12, 17

Click here to check them out:

dazza775 Looks great Tomo! Keep the new perks comming
Playstation101 Nice one Tomo. Great to see the perks get updated every now and then! =)
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