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Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was established more than 10 years ago because Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of our surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction.

“Business as usual” for conservation in Australia will mean additional extinctions. AWC is therefore developing and implementing a new model for conservation to reverse the decline in our wildlife.

Our strategy is simple:

  • Establish sanctuaries by acquiring land and through partnerships with landholders; and
  • Implement practical land management – feral
    animal control and fire management – informed by good science.

From our origins dating back to the initial purchase of land in 1991 by AWC’s founder, Martin Copley, AWC is now the largest private owner of land for conservation in Australia.

We manage 26 properties, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 3.8 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End.

The AWC estate protects a very high proportion of Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity including:

  • 71% of all terrestrial mammal species;
  • 86% of all terrestrial bird species; and
  • around 50% of all reptile and frog species.

AWC protects some of the largest remaining populations of many of Australia’s endangered species including Bilbies, Numbats, Woylies, Bridled Nailtail Wallabies, Gouldian Finches and Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens.


How it works:

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