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PVP Tournament

Zylon01 PVP SMo posted Tue at 22:11  -  PVP Tournament

PVP Tournament

Saturday, 22nd of July, 1:30pm AEST

What is a PVP Tournament?

A PVP Tournament is made up of many 1 vs 1 rounds in god gear. The loser will get eliminated and the winner moves onto the next round. Both players are given the same gear and mcmmo is disabled meaning the fights are determined by skill.

All of the fights are in the PVP world at /warp arena. The arena's entrances will be blocked off to everyone apart from the two fighters so no one can run into the arena and sabotage the fights. There is a safe viewing area for people to stand and watch the fights from.

First PVP Tournament

Register to be apart of the PVP Tournament here.

The winner will get awarded a unique rank for a week called Champion. Champion will get access to a GKit every day which includes protection 4 unbreaking 3 armour with very powerful custom enchants at random levels. The champion will also be given a weopon of their choice with OP enchants.

Good luck to all the players competing!

piffington make it bows only and ill participate

Raid Event

Zylon01 PVP SMo posted Jul 13, 17  -  Raid Event

Raid Event

Saturday - 15th of July, 1:30pm AEST

What is a raid event?

A raid event is a new event which will be happening on AusPvP every couple weeks. It is a group event where you, your faction and your allies all can team up to raid a base made by the staff team. The goal of a raidevent is to get the valuable loot inside and stop your enemies from beating you to it. PvP is kept on during raid events and it is encouraged for people to go and sabotage their opponents, this could mean anything from blowing up their cannon or constantly killing them and not allowing them to focus on the raid. 

Since there is no one on the raid events team you'll only have to protect your cannon only from your enemies. This can be achieved by building a box around your cannon then pouring water onto the box or by fighting off your opponents in PvP. Protecting your cannon will require lots of teamwork and is almost impossible to do by yourself.

Raiding a raid event isn't an easy task, especially if you don't know what a cannon is or how to build one. TNT cannons can sound and look very complicated to a new person as most things do but once you wrap your mind around them it gets much simpler. There are many youtubers which make great tutorials on how to cannon but I suggest checking out these two because they helped me the most, Dexter113 and TNT MADNESS. What videos talking about the basics such as 20 stackers and 40 stackers then work on your skills from there.

The first raid event of the map!

Since this is the first raid event of the map it will be easy with no complicated base defences. 


  • 10 straight water walls
  • 3 Roof layers
  • Obsidian Box

This base is worth around 5 million dollars to the team which manages to get the loot.

Raid Event


iiFriedUnit Good Luck to all attacking it
Tomographix aFoundero Looks awesome

AusPvP SOTW 9th of July, 2017

Zylon01 PVP SMo posted Jun 28, 17


SOTW 9th of July, 2017!

World Changes


  • Overworld has borders at 5k.
  • Nether portals are disabled.
  • Default world generation


  • Nether has borders at 2k
  • Bases and claiming are now allowed


  • End has borders at 1k
  • Bedrock floor
  • Bases and claiming are now allowed

Building and Raiding bases


Chests, hoppers, furnaces, dispensers, etc. are now accessible inside other factions land. 

Spawner drop rates from creeper eggs and tnt have been increased to 75%.


Each player starts off with 15 power and can purchase additional power from the shop.

Ranks and Shop Changes

New Staff Rank

There is now a new helper rank added, their main purpose is to help out the community. They are a playing staff and are not allowed to inside factions.

Rank Collection

Since the ranks and perks haven't carried over from the previous maps, please comment here if you used to own one.

Kits and Permission changes

Some of the kits and permissions have been changed around for each of the ranks, if you feel like you're missing something you should have make sure to message me in game or make a post on the forums about it.

Crate Keys

Crate Keys have been added to the shop to allow you to win unique in-game items. They will also be able to be won at various events held throughout the map.


Gapple Cooldown

There is now a gapple cooldown of 1 minute to prevent players chugging gapples to survive.

Combat Logging

When you disconnect while in combat, a combat dummy will take your place which can still be killed.


Enderpearls now have a cooldown of 20 seconds and can not be used in warzones or safezones.


While in warzones you do not take fall damage or lose power on death.

New Plugins

Custom Enchants

There is a new custom enchant plugin being used this map which will make PvP more interesting. There is a set limit of two custom enchants per item and you can find a list of the custom enchants here Not all of the custom enchants listed on this page will be enabled.

Tracking Compass

Tracking compass is very similar to /near but the main difference is you do not need to have a donor rank to use it. It will allow you track down other players from long distances and will notify them once you have found them. This will make AFKing inside of unclaimed bases more risky and not recommended.

Factions Top

Factions top allows you to track the progress and wealth of other factions through a simple command.

Auction House

Auction house allows selling of more valuable and unique items to other players.

Player Vaults Removed

These have been removed because with them raiding isn't worth it.


Treasure hunt

There have been powerful pieces of gear hidden through the overworld in various places, these are not likely to be found quickly so the more you explore the better chances you have of finding them.

Looking for staff

We're always looking for new staff members on AusPvP and if you think you have what it takes, don't be afraid to apply here.

- Zylon

Captain_AFK21 o
Captain_AFK21 @ Survival - Sky Ser...
Sounds like your making a pretty mean server looking forward to it

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